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October 13, 2008


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well Robin, this will be a journey of discovery for me too! As one of your tutors, I have never had a student of mine blog their learning experiences before - I look forward to hearing about your journey as we go. Do we get a little alert every time you post something new? Hope so!!! All best with the blog, and the learning! Alison (maybe I should have a humorous 'handle' - can't think of one though; my son sometimes refers to me as 'The Oracle', ironic reference to The Matrix I fear rather than any significant expression of faith in my predictive powers.....)

Robin Raven

Thanks Alison!

The easiest way to get alerts about new postings is to use the RSS feeds - you can hit the "subscribe" button in the top left hand corner. I'll let this tell you about RSS, as it can do it far more effectively than me!

Alternatively you can check back whenever you want, although being "The Oracle" you might well know before I do...!


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